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Dear Friend,
Welcome to an exciting adventure in Israel to learn about the innovative approaches developed by Israeli experts in trauma and post-disaster recovery.  We at the Community Stress Prevention Center have worked with local and international populations who have experienced the trauma of war, terrorism, forced migration, acculturation, interpersonal violence, and natural disasters since the Center’s inception in 1984. We want to share with you the psychosocial recovery models that we have developed through our years of experience working with such populations here in Israel and in disaster sites around the world. 
During this study tour designed for professionals in health and mental health disciplines, you will learn about the role of CSPC, its work internationally and within Israel.  In addition, we have planned visits at major trauma intervention programs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  You will learn first responder techniques developed by Dr. Moshe Farchi, Head of the Trauma Studies Program at Tel Hai College of Social Work, and you will meet with a team of first responders based in the Golan Heights.  You will be introduced to the social geography of the Hula Valley in the Northern Galilee, visit the Dead Sea and Masada, tour Jerusalem, and visit Sderot and its community resilience center at the border of the Gaza Strip.  Our study tour balances academic lecture with film, discussion, trips to trauma centers, combined with enough leisure time to explore exciting Tel Aviv.
A unique and central part of the CSPC ten-day study-tour is our focus on relationship building among participants.  Learning is enhanced by group activities that promote deeper levels of social engagement.  Because we appreciate the impact that the study of trauma can have on each of us, we facilitate group sharing at the conclusion of each day. We are attentive to establishing a mutually supportive and collaborative learning environment.
 We invite you to join us this June to engage with the foremost authorities on trauma recovery and community resilience in Israel while experiencing the land, its people, and its history – and to experience comraderie and fun in the process.
Mooli Lahad, Ph.D., Ph.D

        Sponsored by the Community Stress Prevention Center, Israel

Professor Mooli Lahad
Founder and President of CSPC


  • Psychosocial trauma treatments developed by Israeli experts
  • Regional disaster management strategies
  • Israeli-designed “Community Resilience Centers” to sustain recovery
  • First responder techniques used by Israeli Defense Forces and Crisis Response Teams


  • Northern Israel and the Golan Heights
  • Mystical Tsfat and its regional hospital
  • The Dead Sea, Masada, & Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv, Jaffa, & the Gaza border town of Sderrot


  • The Israeli Ministry of Welfare
  • Key leaders of trauma response in Israel
  • Disaster management experts
  • Kibbutz residents living on Israel’s borders

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  • Total cost of the tour package: 3600$
  • The price includes in-country travel by private bus, hotel accommodations, two meals per day, site and museum entry fees, guided tours of Tsfat, Jerusalem, and Kiryat Shemona, faculty and study materials. 
  • The cost does not include airfare, dinners, travel to and from the airport and hotel, medical and travel insurance.
  • Participants should pay a deposit to ensure their participation and pay the full registration fees no later than May 14th, 2017 (in case of cancellation, a full refund will be sent to registered participants)
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