Dear potential donor

CSPC is the oldest organization in Israel that deals with the treatment and 
prevention of Psychotrauma since 1980. It is a registered NGO and a non for 
profit organization (NGO 58-015-488-8, 0740). It was established by Prof Mooli 
Lahad (PhD Psychology, PhD Human & Life Science, an educational and medical 
psychologist), who had been awarded 5 distinguished prizes for the pioneering 
and innovative work that he undertook. Among them: The Israeli Psychologists 
Award, the Tel Aviv University School of Social Work award and the Israeli 
Lottery ,Sapir award.

 CSPC has a voluntary board and scientific advisory committee. All these years, 
despite the difficulty of maintaining a center of excellence in a rural area and 
the many temptations to "sell out" to a company in the center of Israel, CSPC 
have steadfastly refused to move from the town of Kiryat Shmona, believing 
that such a lighthouse is needed in this area as a proof that excellence can be 
where good people are.

CSPC staffs contribute 30% of every income to the center's maintenance and 
developing new methods and supporting population in crisis.
Unfortunately CSPC mission has not ended. With the ongoing threats of 
terrorists acts, local wars and natural disasters we are committed to develop 
more models and methods to help the population and the professionals to 
reduce emotional suffering.

We would love you to take part in this long standing legacy of excellence and 
devotion to the wellbeing of those who unfortunately suffer and can't afford to 
pay and receive professional help. 

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Mooli Lahad PhD.PhD.
Founder and president 
We thank our doners 

Eyal Brin
Zieva Konvisser
Hemda Arad
Alexandra Fischer
John Zwisser
A. Roisman
M. Roth
Annette Oved
L. J. Kemp
Debora Bialostozky
Patricia Cieli 
Daphna  Slonim 
Shlomit Lahad