About the Community Stress Prevention Center (CSPC)
The Community Stress Prevention Centre (CSPC) was established almost 33 years ago by Professor Mooli Lahad PhD. PhD., in the town of Kiryat Shmona, Israel .In the past three decades, CSPC has provided over 190,000 hours of training and more than 25,000 hours of direct treatment for patients with psychotraumatic symptoms, and trained over 300 local authorities in Israel and abroad in the treatment.

Consultation and research

CSPC provides disaster management consultation and
preparedness activities through "real-time" intervention and post-incident recovery and treatment for all society partners : Ministries, First responders, health, welfare, uniform bodies, commercial and NGOs. CSPC has a long history of developing programs, manuals, standing operational procedures (SOPs) in conjunction with a variety of clients:  local authorities and community services as well as with the Ministries and operational bodies.
CSPC's provided crisis intervention, resiliency and rehabilitation programs and consultation world-wide We have been involved in training  crisis management and intervention and mental health training for both professionals and paraprofessionals, along with a wide range of community resiliency activities, in Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and Asia.

Cross-cultural work

Our cross-cultural work with a variety of communities  and faiths in Israel and world-wide , spread over 30 years, has included immigrants groups from the former USSR and Ethiopia, ultra-orthodox Jews, Moslems, Christian Bedouins and Druze communities.  CSPC has been the leader of a consortium of experts who designed five community resiliency centers in the south of Israel since 2007. We have the knowledge and experience to revise and adjust it to the specific local characteristics.

Post-disaster training

CSPC's involvement in post-disaster training started in the former Yugoslav war (1992-1995) working  in conjunction with UNICEF and UKJAID, conducting psychosocial training for teams of psychologists, psychiatrists, community workers, social workers and educationalists from Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia during and after  the war. In 1999, we worked with JDC and local organizations in Turkey, following the earthquake, where the train-the-trainer cascade model was utilized in training twenty initial trainers, who in turn trained an additional twenty people each, all of whom were able to train others to provide assistance to the many tens of thousands of bereaved, injured and homeless individuals. In 2004, following the Beslan school massacre, CSPC along with the American Joint Distribution Committee and other Israel Trauma Coalition organizations, sent a team of trauma specialists to Ossetia, where seminars were conducted to train staff in psycho-education methods to be utilized within the school system. The team also provided individual and group treatment interventions to families and individuals—primarily children, following this incident, in the aftermath of the tsunami in 2004 in Sri Lanka (for 2.5 years), in the US following Katrina (from 2006-2010) ,2010 in Haiti following the earthquake and in Germany following the Winnenden school shooting , Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany working with the school psychologists and the local psychotrauma center. And 2011 Tōhoku (Japan) earthquake and tsunami. We have trained First responders in the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland , Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Croatia ,Spain and more.

Research Center

 CSPC serves as the Tel Hai College Research Center for Social Sciences and Humanities. Its research team, led by Professor Lahad, has published articles and books dealing with the psychosocial aspects of disaster and crisis management, developed the coping model of BASIC Ph and the treatment method of SEE FAR CBT and has conducted several academic and professional seminars and workshops in Israel as well as Europe. Between 2007 and 2009, CSPC conducted a large project, funded by the NATO Science for Peace program, for psychosocial professionals from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia in order to train and empower them to deal with disaster situations and to jointly build, virtual resiliency centers for their respective countries via the internet.
In 2012, the The Multidisciplinary Resilience Center (MRRC) was conjointly established by Tel-Hai College and the Community Stress Prevention Center (CSPC), to offer Israeli and international scholars and practitioners a research environment, supportive of the diverse scientific disciplines underlined by the concept of resilience. In January 2013, the first international conference on individual, community and national resilience (ICNR 2013 Conference) took place in Tel-Hai College.
Strong partnership

​Since 1981, the Community Stress Prevention Center (CSPC) is the oldest organization the world, that deals with the treatment and prevention of psycho-trauma. CSPC is a leading and experienced partner in The Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC)'s (established in 2001) national and international projects. The groundbreaking models and methods developed by CSPC staff member, serve as a solid basis for ITC's activities and development.