CSPC is the oldest organization in Israel that deals with the treatment and prevention of psychotrauma. CSPC promotes stress and crisis management on national, organizational, community and individual levels world wide.
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CSPC provides worldwide disaster managment consultation, and utilizes state of the art psychosocial disaster intervention at the individual, family, group, community, organization and national levels 

Emergency Intervention

Conjointly with Tel Hai College Research Center for Social Sciences and Humanities, The Multidisciplinary Resilience Center (MDRRC) established to offer Israeli and international scholars and practitioners a research environment, supportive of the diverse scientific disciplines underlined by the concept of resilience.


 CSPC provides pre and post disaster training with an emphasis on cross-cultural work. CSPC has a long history of developing programs, manuals, standing operational procedures (SOPs) in conjunction with a variety of clients:  local authorities and community services as well as with the Ministries and operational bodies.

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